How to Download iMessage on PC (Windows OS)?

iMessage is the preferred messaging app for all Apple users, and its popularity has led to Windows OS wanting that app on their desktop.

In this article, we will see how Windows OS users can get the services of iMessage on PC. For running iMessage, your PC should be running Windows 10 or a subsequent higher version. In case of RAM and Hard Disc storage, it just has to be a normal version as there are not any specifications as such.

How to Download iMessage on PC (Windows OS)?

Setting up iMessage for PC/Windows

Let’s walk you through the various methods that you can follow to set up iMessage for Windows PC so that you can also count yourselves among the ones using this messaging service.

Method 1: Using Chrome Remote Desktop

For this, you need to have a Mac PC along with a PC with Windows OS. After this you need to follow the steps below, which are:

Step 1: Download and install the Chrome Remote Desktop extension on your Google Chrome browser in both of your devices.

How to Download iMessage on PC (Windows OS)?

Step 2: Launch the App.

Step3: Download and install Chrome Remote Desktop Host Installer on your Mac separately.

Step 4: The Chrome Remote Desktop allows your Windows PC to access another computer’s apps and files separately via the Chrome Browser. Connect the two computers through the security code and enjoy using Apple iMessage on your computer.

Method 2: Via a free Emulator

Emulators act as a downloader for the Apps which are only restricted to Mac users. You can easily get a free version of such which will help you in using iMessage for Windows 10. iPadian is one such emulator which is a boon for all Windows users.  Let’s go through the steps for the following method.

Step 1: Go to iPadian and download the emulator for free.

Step 2: Install the file on your PC and run the emulator.

Step 3: Accept all the Terms & Conditions of the software and search for iMessage on the emulator and download the app. Now you can use iMessage on Windows PC easily.


Question 1: What are the other emulators that I can use for downloading iMessage on my computer for free?

Answer: There other emulators such as Bluestack which you can download to use iMessage on PC.

Question 2: Will I get the same experience of using iMessage for my PC as I used to get while using it on my Apple Devices?

Answer: Yes, it runs in the same manner as it runs on any Apple devices.

Question 3: Can you view the deleted iMessage history on Windows?

Answer: You can easily view your deleted iMessage history on Windows computer by recovering the selected messages from your iPhone on to the Computer selectively. You have to use iPhone’s data recovery program named iFonebox which can export iMessage’s history to your Windows computer for viewing.

Question 4: What all precautions do you have to take while downloading iMessage application from an emulator?

Answers: Sometimes downloading from an emulator might not be safe. The process can fill your computer with virus and malware; therefore, it’s better to install a good anti-virus first and then go for the process.

Question 5: Which is the best method to use iMessage on a PC?

Answer: If you got a Mac, then you should use it on a Mac unless any specific need arises, but if you only got a Windows PC, then you should go for emulators and not jailbreaking your iPhone.

Therefore, follow the methods mentioned above and start using imessage on desktop/Computer and enjoy the eye-catching design and graphics of this messaging app.