Does iMessage Use Data?

iMessage is a program designed by Apple,  facilitates communication via messages for different Apple devices. You can have the program on one or multiple devices, provided they are Apple devices. It is, however, possible to use iMessage on an Android phone by routing messages sent and received through a program installed on your Mac device. … Read more

iMessage Activation Error – How to Solve?

There are some vital details you must first take care of when trying to activate your iMessage. iMessage only works with Apple devices such as iPads, Mac books, and iPhones. Here’s how you can solve iMessage waiting activation/errors issues: 1. Make sure you have provided your phone number to the device. You can confirm by … Read more

How to Login and Logout of iMessage?

The Apple ID account is utilized for accessing all services from Apple, and it enables all your devices to work together seamlessly. Only one Apple ID is needed to access all Apple services like iMessage and more. You can create your Apple ID when setting up a new device or when signing in to iCloud … Read more

How Does iMessage Work?

iMessage is an inbuilt messaging service that enables encrypted communication between apple users. The messaging service works on iOS 5 or higher. It works with the following devices, iPod touch iPad iPhone Mac book Apple watch How does iMessage work? If you are financially able to have a combination of these devices or all of … Read more

How to Get iMessage on Android for Free?

iMessage is specifically designed for Apple devices to use a particular end to end encryption and decryption system. The purpose of this design is to secure messages sent from one Apple device to another Apple device. Android devices can therefore not use the program because of its design. However, continued innovation has made it possible … Read more

How to Download and Set Up iMessage on Mac?

iMessage is pre-programmed  in all Mac computers, and it comes automatically installed with a new operating system. If you have not activated it on your Mac computer, you can first confirm whether the app is installed or not. You can do this by checking for ‘Messages’ in Spotlight search which is a system search tool … Read more

iMessage Not Working –How to Solve the Error?

You know that iMessage is not working based on the color of the text message bubbles. If the color of the text bubble is blue, your app is functional, and if the color is green, it’s not functional. Here’s how you can solve iMessage issues/errors: For further clarification, a blue message text bubble means that … Read more