Does iMessage Use Data?

iMessage is a program designed by Apple,  facilitates communication via messages for different Apple devices. You can have the program on one or multiple devices, provided they are Apple devices.

It is, however, possible to use iMessage on an Android phone by routing messages sent and received through a program installed on your Mac device. Essentially, the program enables sending of different kinds of messages to other iMessage users via an internet connection.

iMessage uses data connection, can be cellular data or a Wi-Fi connection. Messages appear in text bubbles that are blue. Traditional, text messages have a green text bubble.


Does iMessage Use Data?

How does iMessage differ from traditional messages?

  • Traditional messages give the option of a short messaging service or a multimedia messaging service. Short messages are text messages with a limit on the number of words that can be used. One must, therefore, send multiple short messages because one long continuous short message will likely be converted and sent as a multimedia message.
  • Multimedia messages take quite some time to be sent and received and the files shared can only be so big. Additionally, there are cases in which the recipient of the multimedia message sees the message but is unable to load and view the message. The message could also be opened, but the recipient’s device can not read the format. iMessage, on the other hand, allows for the sending of text and media messages without placing a limit on words or the size of the file.
  • Traditional messages are not encrypted and are therefore a target for unauthorized external access. iMessage is different in that messages are encrypted end to end making external access very difficult.
  • Lastly, traditional messages are sent via the texting plan provided by your phone carrier. Depending on your texting needs, the texting plan can be expensive or inadequate. iMessage, on the other hand, works via an internet connection. When Wi-Fi is not available, one uses their data plan as provided by their phone carrier.

These are some of the challenges and shortcomings that attract users to messages sent via the internet such as iMessage.

 What are the new features that attract users to iMessage?

  • Apple devices exclusively use iMessage.
  • Security because of the end to end encryption for all messages sent and received via the program.
  • The options of sending a text, location video or photo message.
  • Use of stickers, emoticons and animated message bubbles.
  • The option to either uses a Wi-Fi connection or your cell phone data.
  • International texting can be done via iMessage without purchasing a global data plan.

You can turn off iMessage anytime as you please. This is done by accessing the settings app then proceeding to messages and subsequently turning off iMessage .When app is off, your device will use traditional messaging to send and receive messages using the texting plan.

Apple makes it possible for you to find out how much cellular data you use through iMessage. How do you access this information?

  • Locate and select the settings app on your device and proceed to the cellular section. You will find it as one of the options on top.
  • Navigate to system services option.
  • Select messaging services.
  • Your cellular data consumption on iMessage will be displayed to you.

It should be noted that photo, location and video messages consume more data than text messages. To save on data, you can limit yourself to sending photos, location, and videos via a Wi-Fi connection. Additionally, if you still wish to send these media messages via cellular data, you can adjust the image quality by setting it to low.

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