iMessage Activation Error – How to Solve?

There are some vital details you must first take care of when trying to activate your iMessage. iMessage only works with Apple devices such as iPads, Mac books, and iPhones.

Here’s how you can solve iMessage waiting activation/errors issues:

iMessage Activation Error – How to Solve?

1. Make sure you have provided your phone number to the device.

  • You can confirm by going to settings>phone>your name. If the number is not visible, add it.
  • Wait for twenty-four hours to lapse. iMessage activation in some cases requires up to twenty-four hours to work. If activation takes a long time, then there is an issue.
  • Make sure that your cellular texting plan is active. The activation process requires a code that is sent via SMS. If your phone carrier charges for this kind of SMS sent out for activation and your texting plan is not active or lacks sufficient balance, you will not receive the text. Contact the phone carrier to clarify this.
  • There are times when the activation code SMS is sent to your phone as an international message. Confirm that you have a sufficient balance to receive this international message. You should contact your phone carrier for further clarification.
  • Check your date and time settings. When wrongly set, iMessage will not activate. Date and time settings include the time zone settings. You can adjust your settings by going to settings> general> date and time>set automatically. Selecting the set automatically will update both the date and time and the time zone according to your location or the internet.

Checking and adjusting to the details as provided above should fix the activation error for some users. If the problem persists and your iPad, iPhone or Mac book displays the activation error message you can attempt to fix it by following the steps provided.

2. Check that you are connected to the internet:

iMessage works by sending and receiving messages using an internet connection. The internet connection can be achieved through a Wi-Fi connection or the data plan you have selected for your phone. Open up your browser of choice and attempt to access any website that comes to mind. If you can navigate through the website, then your internet connection is working. The same can be achieved by accessing any mobile application that relies on an internet connection to work successfully. If your internet connection is not working, you have the options of, connecting to a different Wi-Fi network or connecting to your mobile data. You should confirm that you have the balance required to access the internet.

3. Sign out and back into your iMessage

This is done by signing in and out of your Apple ID. Go to settings >messages > send and receive > Apple ID > sign out. After successfully signing out, sign back in. Check to see if the iMessage activation error has cleared.

4. Check for a software update

Check if there is a software update for your iPad, iPhone or Mac book. There could be a particular problem with iMessage identified and addressed by the software update. Go to settings > general > software update. Install the update if there is one. Check whether the activation error message has cleared.

5. Restart your iPad, iPhone or Mac book

Switch off iMessage then restart the device. Go to settings > messages >turn off iMessage. After that, hold the volume button and the home button to switch the device off. You can also hold the volume button alone. Slide the bar as instructed to power off. Power back on, and turn iMessage back on. The activation error should clear.

If none of these steps work, contact Apple for assistance.

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