iMessage Not Working –How to Solve the Error?

You know that iMessage is not working based on the color of the text message bubbles. If the color of the text bubble is blue, your app is functional, and if the color is green, it’s not functional.

iMessage Not Working –How to Solve the Error?

Here’s how you can solve iMessage issues/errors:

  • For further clarification, a blue message text bubble means that your messages are being sent via iMessage, which relies on the internet.
  • A green message bubble means that the message has been sent via SMS or MMS, which depend on your cellular texting plan as provided by your phone carrier.
  • As mentioned, if the text message bubble is green, there is a problem. The next step is to determine if the problem occurs with only one of your contacts or with multiple contacts.
  • An issue with just one of your contacts confirms that their iMessage has a problem.
  • An issue with multiple of your contacts confirms that your app is not working as it should be.
  • When testing the extent of your issues, make sure to only text users with this messaging app.
  • That is to say, users with an iPhone, iPad or a Mac book. iMessage will only work between devices made by Apple.

If the green text bubble appears when you message different persons on your contact lists, it is clear that your iMessage needs to be fixed. How do you fix the error?

      Method 1 – Restart your device

  • Before you restart the device, switch off your iMessage by going to settings, selecting messages and turning off iMessage. You can now proceed to restart your device. Based on the model and version of your phone, different buttons are pressed to switch off the device.
  • You can either press the home button or the home button together and any of the volume buttons.
  • Press the buttons until the slider comes to view. Swipe in the direction as instructed. After the device has gone off, switch it back on by pressing the home button or the home button and one of the volume buttons. Press the buttons until the device powers back on.
  • Once the device is back on, head on to settings and turn the app back on. The app should now be working. You can confirm this by sending a message to another user.
  • The color of the message bubble will let you know if this process was successful. If the message bubble is still green, there are other steps you can take to fix your iMessage.

      Method 2 – Confirm that iMessage is working flawlessly

  • Select settings, go to messages and select send and receive. You will notice the persons in your contacts with iMessage are shown here. Their email addresses and phone numbers are listed next to their names.
  • These are the people you can communicate via iMessage, and the message bubble will be blue. You will further note that there is a checkmark adjacent to the contact. This is to signify that the app is working.
  • Your contact should also have a checkmark adjacent to it. Your contact is listed under start new conversation from. If the checkmark is absent, select your phone number.
  • This should cause iMessage to activate. Again, you should test and confirm if the problem has been fixed. A blue text bubble signifies the problem has been fixed while a green text bubble signifies the issue persists.

       Method 3 -Contact the Apple support team

  • Contact the support team for assistance on how to rectify the problem with your app.
  • They will provide you with the different options available to fix your iMessage. Whatever the option, they will help you to get your iMessage working as it should.

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